Big Bird

Very tall and very well educated hunter


> There is no healing from a wound to the soul. Only learning to live with the scars. > Man-of-Many-Names

Karma: 53 / 17


B A R S W L I C M Ess E
3 5 3(6) 3 5 5 4 7 6 6 4

Composure: 12 Judge Intentions: 11 Memory: 10

Initiative: 10 + 4d6 Matrix AR Initiative: 1 + 40d6 Astral Initiative 10 + 3d6
PhysDam: 8 StunDam: 8

Physical: 1 Mental: 1 Social: 1

Positive Qualities: Prime Data haven member, Low light vision, Adept, Mentor Spirit (wolf/alt)
Negative Qualities: Big Regret: who is father, Driven (hunt blood mages), Distinctive style (tall)

Active Skills:
Automatics 1/6l, blades 6/11, computer2/7, con 1/8,Disguise 1/5, Etiquette 3/10 [High Society5/12], Exotic Ranged Weapon (Tiffani Elegance Shooting Bracers) 2/7, Impersonation 1/8, Intimidation 1/8, Perception 2 1/8, Pilot Ground Craft 2/8, Pistols 1/6, Sneaking 31/9, Throwing Weapons 3/8, Tracking 1+1/6, Unarmed Combat 4/9,

*Knowledge Skills:
Architecture (Modern)LOG 1 6 (8) Area Knowledge: ManhattanINT 1 5 History (Art)LOG 1 6 (8) Magical Threats (Blood Magic)LOG 6 11 (13)
Skill 1, Skill 1 [Specialization 3], Skill 1(2) [Specialization 34)

English N, Russian 4/8, French 1/5 [spoken2],

Fake SIN 4 (alex) traveller 2 months Certified Credstick, Standard rating 4, Fake License rating 4 (Adept License) , Fake License rating 4 (Driver’s License) , Fake License rating 4 (Large Blades License) , Fake License rating 4 (Firearms License) , Fake License rating 4 (Concealed Carry Permit), AR fashion sub Casual/business/formal, Datahost, CarnivoreGold, Monalisa, pheromone detection, Speechtemplate, target tracking, thermal Mood reading, Vocal tension Lie detection, Doc Wagon Platinum.

Fake SIN 3 (tatianna) low life style (Extra secure, difficult to find) Certified Credstick, Standard rating 3, Fake License rating 3 (Adept License) , Fake License rating 3 (Driver’s License) , Fake License rating 3 (Large Blades License) , Fake License rating 3 (Firearms License) , Fake License rating 3 (Concealed Carry Permit), docwagon basic,

Fake SIN 2 (natalia) low Life style (cramped, dangerous area), Fake License rating 2 (Adept License) , Fake License rating 2 (Driver’s License) , Fake License rating 2 (Large Blades License) , Fake License rating 2 (Firearms License)

Gel Rounds (Heavy Pistols) – 20
Hollow Points (Holdouts) – 10
Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistols) – 120
Backpack (Good) – 1
Can of Spray Paint (yellow)
Chem Detect Nail Polish 1
Chewing Gum (Piece) – 10
Contacts 3 Flare Compensation, Image Link, Thermographic Vision
Earbuds 3 wt Select Sound Filter rating 3
Crayon – 20
Disposable Hand Wipe – 50
Fashion Respirator 3
Flashlight, Low-light
Golf Ball
Hand Tool (Cheap) (swiss army knife) –
Holo Bracelet 3
Lighter (Good)
Matches – 10
Pet Treats – 10
Pocket Notebook – 2
Quick-Draw Holster – 1
Roll of Duct Tape – 1
Sandwich Bag – 10
Scissors (Good) –
Sticky Note – 100
Suitcase (Cheap)
Throwing Knife – 6
Forearm Guards 1 * RG 73
Good Dress 0 RF 253
Good Pants 0 RF 253
Good Pants 0 RF 253
Good Shirt 0 *
RF 253
Good Shirt 0 RF 253
Good Shoes 0 RF 253
Good Shoes 0 RF 253
Good Undergarments

Sensor Collar 0 * HS 185
Vashon Island: Ace of Coins 7 *
RG 60
Vashon Island: Ace of Swords 7 * RG 60 Fire Resistance 4; Nonconductivity 4; YNT Softweave Armor;
Vashon Island: Synergist Business Line 9 *
RG 61 Concealed Pocket; Custom Fit; Nonconductivity 4;
Vashon Island: Synergist Business Line Longcoat 3 * RG 61 Custom Fit (Stack); Fire Resistance 4; Shock Frills;
Bike Racing Armor 8 RG 68
Bike Racing Helmet 2 RG 68
Catsuit 9 *
CA 136 AR Fashion; Electrochromic Clothing; Shock Weave;

12033:¥, 1x Certified Standard Credsticks

Matrix Device:
Hermes Ikon Commlinks 5 0 0 5 5
AR Nails, Encryption, Subvocal Mic, Trodes Programs:

Metamagic: Not Initiated

Adept Powers:
Attribute Boost (AGI) 2
Combat Sense 2
Danger Sense 2
critical Strike
Improved Reflexes 3
Nimble Fingers

Martial Art Aikido RG 128 Called Shot (Disarm) Throw Person Yielding Force (Throw)

Kunst Des Fechtens RG 132 Multiple Opponent Combat Opposing Force (Parry) Yielding Force (Riposte)

Magical Equipment: List of Equipment

chilli pop Draco Foundation Investigator 3 1
EB seattle Club Hopper Group(5) 1
father petre Cult Member 3 4
mr fixer Fixer 3 3
Sargent at arms Anders sylvestrine operative 3 1

|Type|1/1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|Any notes|

Colt Manhunter 6 6 8P -1 SA 2 16© HT 178 S: 0-5 M: 6-20 L: 21-40 E: 41-60 Gecko Grip; Holographic Sight; Silencer; Spare Clip; Spare Clip;
Throwing Knife 8 5 4P -1 2 1 SR5 424 S: 0-3 M: 4-6 L: 7-9 E: 10-15
Tiffani Elegance Shooting Bracers 7 6 7P – SS 2 1(b) RG 28 S: 0-5 M: 6-10 L: 11-15 E: 16-20 Custom Look
Ares ‘One’ Monosword 11 5 6P -3 1 RG 19 Gecko Grip (for Weapon with No Stock Slot)
Forearm Snap-Blades 11 4 5P -2 0 SR5 422
Sapphire Knife 11 5 5P -3 0 HT 179 Gecko Grip (for Weapon with No Stock Slot)
Unarmed Attack 9 5 3S – 0 SR5 132

Weapon Type w/ Modifications/Add Ons

Vehicle Hand Spd Acl Bod Arm Pil Sns Seat Notes

Alexandra Ostrakova Borisova lived a charmed life. Her farther paid for the best schools and education, but he had to, you see she was a barstard and an elf, and a fathers love cannot sheild a child from the racism that seems to permeate the lower echelons of Russian society, even in the USA. He came up with a perfect fix. His old friend was now a patriarch in the church who dropped her into the church orphanage system, lost her in the paperwork then pulled her out the other end and sent her abroad using money given to him by father; a dummy trust fund for orphans who showed a talent. The priest kept close eye on her and The father travelled a lot for his work so he could visit; the English private school and Swiss finishing school but it was not the same, her passport said UCAS and it called to her as though it would heal her hurts. so she applied to Brown college to be closer.

father (via the priest) objected (which was odd) said it would make things harder (whatever that meant) but if there was one thing the child had from her father it was his iron will, she had chosen Brown and Brown it would be.

That was where she met Enrico, suave, educated, exotic. She was a freshman architectural major. He was second year magic major two years of bliss. Then, when she was on her intern year in practise, he changed. Slowly at first but it accelerated. Started with him being more and more aggressive, then abusive (first mentally then physically). When she saw then pleasure ripping across his face on boxing day she started packing. She spent the new year tied to the bed post being bled by her half deranged totally blood magic addicted ex. and so it was for six weeks.
Believe it or not this is where things get interesting. The first two weeks were hell but if there was one thing she had inherited from her father it was his iron will, she had decided she was going to survive this so survive she would. By the end of week two she had convinced him she was docile and broken so he didn’t tie her up just locked her up and used her as a slave and a source of power. She started to work on then plan, she worked out it took two hours to put an edge on the cheep knives in the house she also figured so would he check, Wolf was pleased with her intuition . She realised that she was messing with her sleep cycle and eating regime. so she set her own, Wolf was pleased. she took great pleasure in planning her moves as he moved through the room, Wolf was pleased.

It was week four before she realised Wolf was always there, quite odd she hadn’t noticed before but she did have a lot going on. Also, it was quite odd how natural it felt and at ease with it she was. With that she realised she had awakened and that meant she really did stand a chance, the roles had reversed he was now the prey, he just didn’t know it.

When he stopped cutting her. She realised he was saving for something big, the end but she was ready.

He locked her in the bathroom while he prepared. when he came for her he was ready for knife she had stashed, he’d blunted it so her blow did little more than antagonise him. He screamed at her:- “he knew what she’d done”, “how he was ready for her plan” and “it was time to end it” as he dragged her out of the room by her hair. He was right and wrong, he wasn’t ready for the sharpened toothbrush handle she grabbed as he moved her from the room but he was right it was time to end it so she neatly pushed it into his brain just under the ear

The bit she wasn’t ready for was the door imploding or the two bury looking orcs who rushed in. covered in blood, She stood over Enrico’s still twitching body, bloodied weapon in hand; ready for the next fight. Wolf consumed her, and the two guys backed off, as she bellowed she howl of exultation over her kill. Just as she prepared to rush them the priest walked in.

The next few days were a blur the next few weeks hazy, but by the summer term she was major in magic now. A thesis on blood magic and a plan resulted . More and more time at the gym, more and more time at the dojo, church every Sunday and sell everything. she then started hanging around the bars rumoured to be runner joints to get the experience and skills for the hunt. While she is being cold blooded about this she is scared; not of what she is doing but of becoming a toxic. she has spoken to several priests about it and they all did was tell her to confess and that the she is aware of the mortal danger her soul is in gives her a fighting chance

To make life that little bit harder she has found out the priest is know for his Vory links and she starting to wonder just who the old man who came to visit so many times really is. but this is secondary she has prey to be caught and if there is one thing the child had from her father it was an iron will. Wolf is pleased
she is tall, blond elf (distinctive style)
adept wolf (new European version from forbidden arcana) Christian tradition (same source)
her hanging around the edges of running and blood mage research have brought her to the attention of EB who has gotten her probie log-ons for shadow lands
Father How she has no idea of) is then nearest thing the vory have to a conciliar nicknamed the sandman because anyone who gets too close falls asleep

September 2078

Alex sat head slumped on the table staring through the foam of her finished soy-latte as is slid down side of the glass. Cum laude…ooooo.. suppose she should feel some kind of pride or a..erm.something? Truth be told she was feeling nothing, except maybe empty. She had told herself she had a plan, really she had a mission statement.

Wolf plonked his head in her lap, his raised eye brow said it all.

Hauling herself to her feet (more than two metres of hauling) her perception widened, arrows inviting her to all kinds of graduation events buzzed around her, she swatted them away.
Starting with local police reports she scanned for activity as she walked to the gym. The gym she widened to the surrounding city, back at apartment she started nation wide then NAN and CAS finally the Tire. She set bot to feed reports to file and bot to trawl those reports for the key word or concepts. The hunt was on.

When she looked up both her clock and her stomach told her it was well into the afternoon.

She sat in the McHugh thoughtfully chewing on her food as she sketched out a plan a real plan. gym, shooting range, dojo, money, time

“hi there mamaseta”  said a smile on legs, the young elf sat himself down and arranged himself into his most “devastating pose”, "hi I’m.. "
“leaving” she interuped. he stammered and gawped “your leaving, right now!” she as directly as she could, he pulled himself together and started again. As he started she felt her hackles rise and Wolf flowed into her soul, she readied all of her power and fixed him in the eye
“you’re either pack or prey” she spat under clenched teeth. The realisation that he wasn’t just unwelcome but in mortal danger was rapid alien and terrifying for the young suit “go! now!” she snapped in her best school mama voice and tried not to laugh as he left in a very undignified manner. Then she realised her tongue was lolling out of her mouth and she blushed and took a a pull on her spoky roller (coke cola)

Her train of thought destroyed she messaged EB the story….

october 2078

My Dear Petre

Gods blessings, I hope that I find you well in faith and body, it has been to long my old friend we must talk longer and in person have you people talk to my people ect. This is not a personal missive;

I write in connection with the borisnova child. I understand she has recently encountered and conquered one of the great evils. This is of great interest to us here. As you now the patriarchs like to deal with evils quickly and try not to let dogma bar our path, its a fine line I know but we have our faith and our experience to guide us.

I need the girl Alex to look into a matter for me one as a matter of faith and secondly as a small test, we have had reports of children being bled and having no memory of what happened. Alex, as a good child of the church will investigate and report back to you. the details are in the file please act in haste. please keep me immediately informed as to both the matter and the subject. I know it will be hard for you but we all have duties to humanity at large

My dear Vladi

I dispatched Alex as requested. Turned out to be a young boy just awakened how had stumbled on the wrong path by pure ill luck and happenstance. However We have another problem, Alex flushed him out by using a child as bait, she says it was the only way because the trail went cold due to the amnesia but it was very heartless. She seems a little hard nosed, every cold and merciless. Luckily she stayed her hand and brought him back with her rather than kill him. I have left him with one of the parish priests.

My concern is with Alex, you know who her father is? he is our dear friend, this is his daughter, you baptized her, I am her god father, I don’t want to have to hunt her down as toxic.

She staid with two of my staff while we sorted the boy, Sister Olga took the opportunity to assense her. She came back with two main points: firstly she has wakened and it seam to be shamanic in nature. secondly there was a fear running through her. The sister asked what the issue was and Alex told her she fears what she may become.

Her actions along with her own admission, that she turns to fight more than flight, reinforces my view that, at this time, she would be a very blunt tool for the church if you use her that way i think you are planning. She could produce a lot of collateral damage. Having sid that i know the girl, she is very iron willed, if we can shape her she will be a sharp sword to weild.

I intend to speak with her at confessional about her fears.

Will you be at the conclave at chrestachowia? I have a right of attendance and I could bring her to meet your people?

Alex was entranced by the bubbles in the soda water as they rose up the glass, she’d quite at three shots and switched to soda and lime. They had only made her thoughts more lurid, so much for drowning your sorrows. She looked up, she could feel his presence these days, she didn’t need to see him, there in the corner lying down; just there; no comment or hint; just there. She’d tried speaking to EB but she was not really able to help able to help, she had tried but EB was too far down the path to empathise with her quandary.

It was going to have to be confessional so better get ready. Wolf leapt up and darted from the bar. Back at her Spartan, striped bare apartment, just a punch bag, weights, a dealt pistol and smart gun, desk, chair dart board (with steak knives sticking out). In the bed room she got out her Sunday best, as she finished she picked up her crucifix, heavy, brass, its engraved surface familiar even with her eyes shut. Uncle Petre said it was a gift from his closest friend. Uncle Petre always looked sad when he spoke of it. “He lost his way but found it someplace else” he would say and would not add anything else.

Alex would imagine that this “friend” was her father or was it the man with the intense stare from the trust fund, he would come to check she was meeting the targets of the trust. Funnily she spotted him one day in the street, in London. She was eight that day, he was there sat in a huge car with the window wound down staring at her as she went into the prep school. She was sure she saw that car many times again but as she got old she just dismissed it as wishful thinking

She dragged her mind back, carefully place the cross back on the bible by the side her mattress and headed for the door, she hailed a cab. She would have to sell her bike when she moved to Seattle she thought

The church had that stone and incense smell all churches have. The acolyte greeted her as she rose from the alter. “is farther petrel here?”
“Alex, he is always here for you” he flushed and muttered “so are we all” and she muttered under her breath; Not another one!?

The damned dress was an arse to get in the confessional box.

Father help me. I fear i Will become the monsters I hunt!

I too my child, can I tern you away from the path you propose!

No sorry but they must not…. live. I have to hunt them.

Ok we will talk about your fears then we will talk about your new friend


Alex I’m your god father do you think I would not know?

Wolf flopped his head in her lap and waged his tail

I’m consumed by this hunger to hunt, to take the hind most, is this my… friends influence or my ex’s poison? Is it blood lust? I wrote so much about it but now I’m not hiding in the books, no academic detachment i’m worried. will I become the thing I hate the thing I hunt?

Let talk and we will see, I dont think so but I need to explain why I do not. confession is not the place for this conversation. let grab coffee and go play chess.

phone call

voice one: Is that the laundery?

voice two: yes it is can I take your order?

voice one: no its ok I’ll call back on Tuesday.

call cut off
call re-established

voice two: what can i do for your you chummier?

voice one: it’s more what i can do for you. I think I’ve found some new talent.

voice two: you know that tall elf who’s been hanging around the Irish bar?

Voice One: the posh one? she’s gonna get in trouble you know. someone gonna push on her..

Voice two: I know and no they’re not. she can handle herself, really well.

Voice one: Really? go on

Voice two: you know fallen, that orc dick from queens? he tried to last week end and she slapped him flat. real fast.

Voice one: you’ve checked already haven’t you?

Voice two: dude? come on. ’course I have.

Voice one: don’t leave me hanging.

Voice Two: OK she awakened, its shamanic but given the speed and power she moved with i think she’s a physad,. she trains both fire arms and up close. bangs not so good but close up she deadly. she’s know in all the obvious bars, so I think she looking for work.

Voice one: ok…(back ground audio haptic feed back) I’ve paid you chummer. and the usual if we meet and so on. always a pleasure shout me when we’re ready, yes?

Voice two: ’course (back ground audio Haptic feed back) ah there it is…wow you got some thing in mind?

Voice one YUP!

four days later

ok Mikey the carousel nice easy, airport pick up style. ok big bird, wait can’t call you that erm erm what should i call you?

tonight i will be Tatiana Giggle

that’s good, right its simple:- I have to do a pick up and you are an unknown so if anything kicks off I have an ace in the hole.

so I’m muscle?


so play the dump hooker beard and flatten anyone if they start trouble?

yes, knew you’d get it.. you ok with the dumb Russian hooker thing? I think I might be uncomfortable with it.

its fine, its just a work thing. I won’t be much use for long though people will get wise, and fast too.

i know but tonight’s a big deal so I need something special. Tatiana to be honest your are, even for an elf, quite a good looking woman. the distraction alone is worth it.

we need to talk layouts and fall backs.

ok so I’m assuming you’ve been here before; so you know the exits and such we’ll call the ……

four hours later

thank you Mikey..well that went with out a hitch…

not out of the woods yet


i’ll be happier when i know you have delivered the item. hitting you here is too messy

i know that why we have a couple of change overs on the way home.

hour later


I don’t know two guys and maybe a sniper? I think I saw something and just acted

did you have to push me down the stairs?

yes need to get us both clear of the sniper fast

ok, you say two up there?

yes, I’ve only got a knife

me too, so basement back up stash.

next day


you do it

yes all delivered

any problems

yes, think hubby or lawyer hired some opposition but that big bird girl can handle herself so we got it sorted

she did ok?

perfect, she got potential, she a bit brutal in a fight though.

that’s not a bad thing

well it helped me, those were two big guys. pay the girl and my recommendation.

chears chummer

After action report for operation Manhattan elimination, order of St. Sylvester

our intel was correct, we found a little circle of wizgangers who’d “stumbled” into blood magic. not a hard job, after action report attached, expenses attached and intel report attached. you need to read the intel report. we bumped into an elf woman working on her own. she was tracking the gang trying to thin it out, she was very helpful and very useful if inexperienced. I do not think she is a bounty hunter so think I will stay in touch as she could be useful again. certainly knows the threat blood magic is. pity she devoutly orthodox or I would have brought her back for recruitment in to the order but that might be an advantage in our line of work.

draco foundation proof of payment audit note
subject29334. subject caught in Manhatten, abducting lone single female. mentor unkown, school unknow, employer unknow, reward claimant new record tempory ID 232112 10k nuyen

Big Bird

Chapter 4: Bye Bye Blackbird electricmuppet