Na’Nele M’Bokani

Female Orc Adept


Name: Na’Nele M’Bokani
Metatype: Orc
Ethnicity: Black (Yoruba)
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 1m69 / 5’7”
Weight: 86 kg / 189lbs
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Karma: 7 / 63


Bod Agi Rea Str Wil Log Int Cha Mag Ess Edg
7 6 5(6) 5 4 3 4 3 6 6 2

Composure: 7 Judge Intentions: 7 Memory: 7 (NA) Lifting/carrying: 12 (105kg)

Initiative: 9 (11) + 2d6 Matrix AR Initiative: 9 (11) + 2d6 Astral Initiative 8 + 2d6
PhysDam: 12/12 StunDam: 10/10 Overflow: 7/7 Edge: 2/2

Physical limit: 8 Mental limit: 5 Social limit: 6 Astral limit: 6

Positive Qualities:
-mentor spirit (5; wolf, 2 free levels tracking, 2 free levels attribute boost (agility), cha+will (3) test to withdraw from combat)
-perceptive (5; +1 to Perception, including astral)

Negative Qualities:
-allergy (5; mild, unusual, ekyelebenle venom)
-incompetent (5; pilot ground vehicle)
-reduced sense (2; smell)

Active Skills:

Active Skills/group Rank Attribute Dice Pool Specialisation
Outdoors 2 Will 4 6 (8) tracking +2, navigation +2
Automatics 3 Agi 6 9 NA
Pistols 4 Agi 6 10 NA
Unarmed combat 2 Agi 6 8 NA
Heavy weapons 1 Agi 6 7 NA
Blades 1 Agi 6 7 (9)(11) swords +2, +2 with weapon focus
Astral combat 1 Will 4 5 (7)(9) Blade foci +2, +2 with weapon focus
Sneaking 3 Agi 6 9 NA
Gymnastics 1 Agi 6 7 NA
Perception 3 Int 4 7 (8) +1 pos qual
Leadership 1 Cha 3 4 NA
Etiquette 1 Cha 3 4 NA
Computer 1 Log 3 4 NA
First aid 1 Log 3 4 NA
Assensing 1 Int 4 5 (6) +1 pos qual

Knowledge Skills:

Knowledge Skill Rank Attribute Dice Pool Specialisation
Biology 3 Log 3 6 (8) Parabiology +2
Smuggling 2 Int 4 6 NA
Combat biking 3 Int 4 7 NA
Gambling 3 Int 4 7 NA


Language Rank Attribute Dice Pool Specialisation
Yoruba N Int 4 NA NA
English 3 Int 4 7 NA
Igbo 1 Int 4 5 NA
French 1 Int 4 5 NA

-SIN1 (r4): Diane Seyrès (Ares citizen)
-SIN2 (r3): Maria Wilkinson (UCAS citizen)
-SIN3 (r2): Akanni Knowles (UK citizen)


cost Equipment (+mods)
825 Ares Predator V (gecko grip)
3215 Ares Alpha (shock pad, sling, gecko grip, gas-vent 3)
650 ammo pistol (6 clips regular ammo, 4 clips stick-n-shock, 10 clips)
930 ammo rifle (5 clips regular ammo, 1 clip ADPS, 6clips)
800 grenades (2 Smoke, 2 thermal smoke, 2 high explosive, 4 flash bang)
475 Defiance EX shocker (gecko grip, laser sight)
100 5 clips of taser darts
15000 Weapon focus r2 (Ares “One” Monosword, gecko grip)
300 combat knife
3600 Vashion Island Ace of Coin suit (nonconductivity r2, chemical r2, fire r2)
3500 armour jacket (nonconductivity r4, chemical r3, fire r3)
220 helmet (subvocal mice, trodes)
1620 commlink Renraku sensei (sat link, subvocal mic, trodes)
2600 Commlink Erika Elite (+ sim module)
500 5 mapsofts: GeMiTo, Lagos, Poland (3 maps)
360 datasofts (biology + parabiology + combat biking)
50 optical binoculars
2425 contacts r2 (image link, smartlink)
1400 earbuds r3 (select sound filter r1, audio enhancer r2, soundlink)
50 plasteel restraints
25 flashlight
300 respirator r6
6000 low lifestyle (3 months)
200 survival kit
11600 fake SIN r4 + 2 licences R4 (magic, weapons)
8700 fake SIN r3 + 2 licences R3 (magic, weapons)
5800 fake SIN r2+ 2 licences R2 (magic, weapons)
1000 various clothing
850 medkit r3 + supplies
300 R3 handheld sensor (ultrasound)
300 R3 handheld sensor (atmosphere sensor)
300 R3 handheld sensor (Geiger counter)
600 Myomeric rope (30m)
5000 docwagen basic
10 2 standard credships

Nuyen: 28405¥, 2x Certified Standard Credsticks (3805); 3000 with Hawala banker

Matrix Device:
-Renraku Sensei, DR 4 (sat link, subvocal mic, trodes)
-Erika Elite, DR 3 (sim module)

Metamagic: 1 initiation: 1PP

Adept Powers:
-Attribute boost (agility, lvl.2, 0.5pp free from mentor spirit)
-Improved sense (thermo, flare compensation, direction sense, 0.75pp)
-Mystic armour (3, 1.5pp)
-Improved reflexes (lvl.1, 1.5pp)
-Eidetic sense memory (0.5pp)
-Sustenance (0.25pp)
-Traceless walk (1pp)
-Motion sense (0.5pp)
-Astral perception (1pp)
-Attribute boost (body) (lvl.1, 0.25 pp Qi focus)
-combat sense (lvl.1, 0.5pp Qi focus)

Magical Equipment: Weapon focus r2 (Ares “One” Monosword, gecko grip)
Qi focus r3 (attribute boost (body), combat sense lvl1)

James Dermott (Talismonger) C3/L3: She helped him out on a run near Lagos, searching for telesma when he was younger. He lives normally in the UCAS but travels a lot. During the last expedition they saved each others life and spent a couple of nights together.
Jean-Jacques Leroy (Smuggler) C4/L3: one of the lieutenants of a smuggling group in France she worked with. He brought her in contact with some people in Poland.
Kayin (hawala banker/fixer) C4/L1: a Hawala banker in Lagos. She still keeps some money with him.

Vehicles: none


weapon Accuracy Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Mods
Ares Predator V 5 (7) 8P -1 SA 15/clip: regular, SnS (6S(e), AP -5) smartgun, gecko grip
Ares Alpha 5 (7) 11P -2 SA/BF/FA 6 42/clip: regular, ADPS (AP-6) smartgun, shock pad, sling, gecko grip, gas-vent 3
Ares Alpha grenade launcher 4 (6) HE: 16P, FB: 10S HE: -2, FB: -4 SS 6 (2 Smoke, 1 thermal smoke, 1 high explosive, 2 flash bang) Smartgun
Defiance EX shocker 4(5) 9S (e) -5 SS 4/clip laser sight, gecko grip
Ares “One” Monosword (r2 focus) 5 8P (Astral: 6P/S) -3 Reach 1 gecko grip
Combat knife 6 7P -3 Reach 1 - - -

A: attributes (24)
B: magic (adept magic 6, 1 rating 4 skill)
C: Ork (0)
D: skills (22/0)
E: money (6.000)

+13 start
+50 extra
+6 neg quals
-34 to skills
-8 to contacts
-10: edge to 2
-13: initiation 1 (1pp)
-4: knowledge skills
-6: bind weapon focus
-6: bind Qi focus (after BBB)


Na’Nele was born in the Ikeja division in Lagos, close to the rain forest. She was the seventh child of twelve and one of the only four to survive into adulthood. Life in Ikeja was hard, but as her father and two older brothers all worked in an Ares factory, at least they had food on the table. From a young age she had to help running the household, including rummaging through garbage piles for anything remotely useful that could be sold or used. It was this that claimed to life of so many children, as they got wounds while going through the piles of trash and those got infected. She also got wounds, but they always seemed to heal in no time.


When she turned ten, things changed. As orks matured faster, she started to fill out and the local area boys started looking at her differently. One evening when she was a little later coming back from the waste piles, two of them assaulted her. While everybody in Lagos carries a weapon of some sorts, if only a knife, normally a ten year old ork should not be able to win against two older area boys. But that was what happened. She managed to dodge their attacks and place a couple of hits on painful places. Unfortunately Area boys never work in groups of two and their friends joined in. She couldn’t fend them all off.

They had just put her against the ground when gunfire ripped through the night. Na’Nele just kept close to the ground, knowing like everybody in Lagos what to do when a gunfight broke out close by. Run or get under cover. When there was a pause in the fight, she made a run for it and went home quickly. When she told the story to her mother, she at first didn’t believe it until she repeated a few of the tricks. While not educated, they weren’t stupid and they knew that she had magical powers. The following day her father took her with him to work and after a quick examination by a mage in the factory she was sold to Ares.

The following years she spent in training as a bodyguard for expeditions going into the rainforest to harvest telesma. While she was a city dweller, Lagos can also be considered a jungle so she adapted quite well. And she quickly learned how to handle guns and she also quickly learned English. Other advanced technology took a bit more time. As Ares employee who already knew the local languages, she was often used as go-between for the expedition leaders and the local porters they used. During one of the trips in the jungle they were attacked by ekyelebenle and while she healed quickly, since then she has an allergy to their venom.

She did develop her powers more and she also learned to astrally perceive, something very useful while out in the jungle. While all telesma harvesting expeditions always had a mage with them, those were not always useful in combat against paracritters, spirits and other astral critters out there. They even had a monofilament sword made for her that was also a weapon focus so she could combat those critters. By the time she was 18 she was one of their better guards and while back in Lagos she tried to learn as much as possible about various critters so she could recognise them. One thing she didn’t learn was how to drive and the one attempt ended in disaster when she managed to wreck an Ares Roadmaster.

But that was in the future as when she was 16 she was approached by a woman while going back to the compound after a rare visit to her family. She told her about saving a young girl some years ago and wanting to save more. To make a long story short, after an initiation Na’Nele joined the daughters of Yemaja. She quickly became very valuable for the organisation as she had access to transports. When going on an expedition she could easily hide one or two woman among the porters without her employers being any the wiser. When in the city she participated in raids on Cherubiums and things like that. She also kept left-over supplies from expeditions (like medication, water purification tablets, food and things like that) to give to the organization.

It was on a raid like this that things went wrong. She was 18 and had been told she would have to go to the Italy for an assignment. The night before she had to leave she participated in one more raid. Unfortunately among the ones killed were two Ares scientists working on an important project in Lagos (and one was the son of a VP). She didn’t know it then, as the bodies had been burned beyond recognition, but the Ares people did find out she had been involved. So when she had gone into the GeMiTo with a team, they sent her out to scout and then left her. What they hadn’t calculated on was the fact that she had survived hell holes before and she managed to get out. But now she had to survive in a strange country where she was the Oyibos. And on top Ares had of course blocked all her accounts and deleted the SIN they’d given her, leaving her only with the money she still had with Kayin, a hawala in Apapa.

For almost two years she managed to get by, doing odd jobs left and right. She had kept all the stuff Ares had equipped her with, although she did have someone go over it to remove all the tags. During these two years, she did a lot of hooding jobs, continuing what she had been doing with the daughters of Yemaja in Lagos, but also other things. She was wary of going against Ares though, as she knew they still had a large file on her. As she was quite good at navigating in difficult terrain, she quickly found her niche in smuggling groups. Her inability to drive made her unsuited to some jobs, but her uncanny way to spot police patrols a long way off and her ability to find her way in almost any wilderness made her well suited for others. Also the fact that she knew about and could fight off the critters found in said wilderness made her a good add to any smuggler group. She didn’t join one, but worked as freelancer.

In Poland she got together with a group who needed to go to the UCAS. She helped them getting back at some priests who had abducted the sister of one of them and then get the sister back. Now they were on a boat heading towards the UCAS.

Na’Nele M’Bokani

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