Night Howlers Gang Leader


Connection Rating: 2

A large and imposing troll, dressed in the grays and blacks of the Night Howlers. His head is shaved bald and he sports a trimmed beard and mustache. His has brown eyes and his gaze appears somewhat glassy. His horns angle back from his head and are straight. His physique is impressive, a granite statue appears less chiseled.

As if that didn’t make him dangerous enough, he’s obviously chromed.


AO: Redmond Barrens

Lupo is a hulk of a troll by every means of the term. Chromed and quick, he’s taken punches, bullets, and even a couple cars without an issue. He runs the Night Howlers with a merciless fist and a severely twisted sense of a justice. Being on his bad side is only slightly worse than being on his good side, and never let him do favors for ya, or you’ll end up paying back much more in the end.


Chapter 4: Bye Bye Blackbird JaydeMoon