Neighborhood Informant / Street Kid


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“Rabbit’s momma didn’t have no brave bunnies, just sneaky bunnies.”

A diminutive human pre-teen girl. Curly blonde hair and light blue eyes. She is dressed for the street, for comfort and movement, usually in dark colors.

Baby sister’s street name is Hoppy as she’s always bouncing around. Mentioned first in Date Night.
Rabbit has five surviving brothers and sisters. The two oldest, Frag, (Named because he took a shrapnel blast to the face during a gang war once.) and China deal for Rabbit’s mom’s boyfriend Jergan. Peter, the middle son has brain damage from a fall and stays home. The youngest Gwenevier is still a baby.

Vega-Rabbit & Hoppy’s drug addicted mom.
Jergan-Vega’s boyfriend, deal’s drugs, mostly Bliss but also BTL’s. He does beat the kids for misbehaving, but he doesn’t sexually abuse them or pimp them out.


AO: Redmond Barrens, Seattle

A street kid living in the Redmond Barrens who knows how to keep her eyes and ears open. If someone comes home drunk and roughs up their family, Rabbit knows before the family does and knows who to come to. New gang in town? Rabbit’s already spotted them out. more than a few problems were taken care of after Rabbit whispered the right words to the right people. She doesn’t expect much out of her information either. She works for candy and the occasional burner comm.


Chapter 4: Bye Bye Blackbird JaydeMoon